Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Your Time Women's Conference
Attention Galveston County bloggers, mommas, and ladies of all ages and walks of life... there is a great conference coming to League City in just a few weeks!  But it's not just any conference, it's one that's here to help you be you.  To find out who you are, and what to do to make your dreams come true.  

Here is a little bit about the It's Your Time Women's Conference:

On Friday, September 19, 2014, the League City Chamber of Commerce and presenting sponsor Houston Methodist St. John Hospital will host the first annual “It’s Your Time! Women’s Conference”. The conference keynote speaker is Lisa Whelchel, best known for her starring role as Blair Warner on NBC’s “The Facts of Life,” is an author of over a dozen books and founder of MomTime Ministries and “Personal Mom Coaching.” Her latest adventure was participating on Season 25 of CBS’s “Survivor: Philippines” where she tied for second place and won the Sprint “Player of the Season” as awarded by fans. Throughout the day, women can choose custom workshops from sixteen different speakers focusing on health and wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality and education. See the agenda for a complete list of the inspiring speakers and topics.

It's all about you!  This is your time ladies.  Leave the hubbies and the kiddos behind, take off work, grab a friend or five and join in on the fun, food, and shopping.  With workshops all day long and a great keynote speaker (hello, Blair from the Facts of Life SQUEE!) you are sure to find something that will spark interest and get you excited.

Want to purchase your tickets?  Get tickets here, and don't forget to contact the South Shore Harbour Resort to get special pricing on a room for over night stays.  Mention the It's Your Time Women's Conference for a discount.

Want to stay connected with what is happening before, during and after the conference?  Use the hashtag #itsyourtime 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Crafty Pen Pals

Earlier this month I signed up for a really great adventure... getting a Pen Pal!  Yes, emails and texting is so convenient, but it's nice to so the whole snail mail thing too.
A great blog called One Crafty Mumma is hosting a HUGE Pen Pal sign up!  So of course I jumped on board.  Esp since I've been in Mojo Jail. It's the only logical reason that my Mojo has been missing.  Hopefully I can ger some time off for good behavior soon.  I so need it.
Anyway, this Pen Pal gig is awesome!  I'm so excited to get started that I want to share with you my little Pen Pal Haul!  Think of it as a starter kit.  And it cost me $10!
Thanks to Micheals and Target I got:
Gel Pens
Markers (of the My Little Pony kind)
A Journal
Wrapping Paper (for embellishments)
500 Lisa Frank Stickera (kicking it old school)
More stickers
Washi Tape

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday

Are you going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend?  I know we are!  But while we wait for Friday... or Sunday in our case, we like to beat the lines and craziness... plus my kiddos tend to be a bit loud with Marvel Movies.  We get EXCITED!  
I digress...
While we wait for the movie to arrive, I decided to doodle up a cute little Baby Sliver Groot!  While he only says 'I am Groot' like some sort of Super Hero Pokemon, I thought he would SQUEE and EEEEE and make other cute little noises as a little sapling. 
I used my watercolors first with just doing a light wash of the area in a few colors, then I went in with some darker shades and finally brought the whole thing together with some sketching and hashing with a few black pens.  It's funny how it just all came together.
Don't forget to visit my watercolor partner in crime Carisa as she has a great treat for you today on her blog!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Once Again, We Celebrate the Doctor!

Happy Doctor Who Day... yesterday!!
I know, there was just a Doctor Who Day not too long ago, but that was a different day... this was to celebrate Doctor Who-ness and the release of 2 new Comics starring... The Doctor!
And of course, if you know me... I had to dress up in my Doctor Garb.  Souffle Girl Shirt, Doctor Whooves Bow, Sonic Screwdriver, and TARDIS flair!  Yup... I was prepared for the Doctor Who Day events at the Local Comic Book Shop!
 While I dressed in just Doctor Who items, my kiddos did full Cosplay.  That is one great thing about being a momma... I can dress my kiddos up like our favorite t.v show characters.  The daughter was Clara Oswald, the newest companion on Doctor Who.  The littlest poop was dressed up, once again as the Twelfth incarnation of The Doctor.
  Oh yes... yesterday was a fun Doctor filled day.  And look what I got!  Doctor Who Monopoly!!!  Can you see my excited face? 
And to top it all off, my kiddos won the costume contest for their age group at the LCS!  So... when is the next nerdy day that we can all dress up for?  Huh?  Harry Potter Day?  Zombie Day?  Who Loves Bacon Day?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday

 Welcome to Watercolor Wednesday!  This is a new feature here at Oh Snap Lizzie and I'm doing it along with one of my crafty buddies, Carisa
Last weekend I attended a baby shower to a really awesome lady and her hubby, the baby's room is Star Wars, like legit, light sabers hanging up, Wookies and Yodas all over, it's just so cute!  I wanted to make something that wouldn't take a long of time (momma of three over here) and that would look great hanging up on the walls.  Enter the Star Wars Watercolor.
I found some Astrophysics book scans and then some free Star Wars images.  Combinded them in Photoshop and then printed out on water color paper.  Using my brush with just water, I predrew my lines with lots of water.  Then I went over them with my brush.  It lets the water colors kind of do it's on thing while keeping the drops and splatters and runs where you want them.  Of course there was some heavy paint slinging, I mean that's the most fun of painting with any medium.   And there ya go!  Layered it with some Cardstock and pattern paper and it's ready for a frame.
I told you it was easy peasy!!
Please visit Carissa's blog to see what amazing Watercolor project she has for you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mmmm Puddin' Pops

 What's Up Puddin' Pop?
Stamp:  Zap Pow Designs
Media:  Aquamarkers, Water Colors
Paper:  Echo Park
Elements:  WRMK Washi Tape, Studio G Gems

Challenges Entered

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Comicpalooza 2014

Holy crap!  I can NOT say enough amazing and great things about Comicpalooza this year.  Srsly... We got a FAMILY PHOTO with Stan Lee!  Yes... THE Stan Lee.  I meet so many childhood favorites and had so much fun with the kiddos just walking around the showroom floor.  And the panels and workshops were AMAZING!  From crafty things to helping with photography and even drawing workshops, it was everything you could ask for.  Here are some photos from that very epic weekend.

ohsnaplizzie's Comicpalooza 2014 album on Photobucket

What about the Stan Lee photo Liz?  Why here it is!  And you better believe it is going to be blown up, put on blankets and enjoyed forever!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teacher appreciation gifts and crafts

June... it's JUNE PEOPLE!  While some of you might already be on summer vacation and out of school for the year, here in the Sanchez Shack we are wrapping up one amazing year of learning and growth.  School gets out on Thursday and I am in a mad dash to come up with THREE teacher appreciation gifts.  Thanks to the kiddos school for giving the oldest 2 teachers this year!  Oh what am I gonna do when they are in Middle School?
Here is a list of awesome crafts and gift ideas that will make any teacher feel like the super star that they all are.







Honey and Sugar facial scrub. The perfect gift. Amazing for your skin! #beauty

tutorial sugar scrub

teachers gift candygram

Teacher Survival Kit 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea - Free Printable Tags


If you have any totally amazing and adorable Teacher Appreciation gifts that you want to share, please leave a comment!  I would love to see what you all are handing out or have handed out this year.