Sunday, May 31, 2015

Comicpalooza Day 4 (The Last Day)

Usually by the end of a convention, I have one thing on my mind.  SHOPPING!  Yes, I will browse around, pick up a few things here and there, but that last day is my shopping day.  And as a lady, it might be one of the best days.  I always spend the day with my daughter and we get our shop on.  And this year we got a punch of prints, and some little items like earrings, rings, and a super cute Catbug from the Bravest Warriors.

Monday was Memorial Day and every year Comicpalooza is awesome enough to let all past and current Military in for FREE! You just have to show your Military ID. Just one of the millions of perks of coming to Comicpalooza.

All in all, the event was amazing.  Great panels/workshops, awesome people, amazing staff and the volunteers were on point, and the convention over all was just OUTSTANDING!

Want to experience a little of Comicpalooza from the interwebz?  Check out these links!  So until next year let the Houston Nerds Unite!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Comicpalooza Day 3

Oh the fun that was had on Day 3 of Comicpalooza.  You would think after TWO fun filled days we just couldn't even manage anymore, but you would totes be wrong!  This was one of my favorite days, it will always hold a special spot in my crafty heart b/c it was the FIRST time I taught a workshop!  And yes, I will be teaching more and more and MORE next year!  It was amazing!!


But wait!  There's more!  This year Comicpalooza had a special VIP package, the Gothem Experience.  Based on the new hit show Gothem, you got to see a panel of the actors and get a chance to ask a question.  There were tons of other perks as well, early entry to the panel, signed merch, photos with the cast, and just tons of fun that could never be replicated anywhere else.  As an official Comicpalooza Blogger, I got to sit in on the panel, front row even, and it was mind blowing!

After the fun of the Gothem Panel, seeing Dan Starkly, and gazing around Artist Alley on the showroom floor, me and the daughter got ready for the Kids Cosplay Contest!  Brandy Nikole did a great job with the children's room and Emceeing the contest.  The contest had more entries then the previous nights Adult Cosplay Contest as well as being the LARGEST cosplay contest for kids in Compicpalooza history!!  Every one of the kiddos did great and their parents did just as well if not better.  It was a joy to attend and next year my kiddos will ALL be in the contest!!

Day 3 was a blast, tiring, but a blast.  Thank you to Comicpalooza for letting me host my first workshop, to Hello Houston and the other bloggers that took me under their wings and to everyone that I meet.  You guys made this day the BEST day ever!
Want to know what happened on the last day of Comicpalooza?  The next post is coming up soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Comicpalooza Days 1 & 2

When heading to a convention of any kind, you take the first day or two looking around, getting a feel for what you are about to dive into.  Even tho we were at Comicpalooza last year, we still needed a full 2 days to get a feel for things. Wonder around a bit, chat with some of the amazing folk here and of course get our shopping lists ready!
Day 1 of Comicpalooza started on Friday the 22nd.  We got to the con around 3pm, but the fun was just starting.  We skipped out on the long lines for early birds, and we even got a few good deals (ie the Naurto Alarm Clock for $12 SCORE!).

Day 2 was Saturday.  Saturday is always the BIGGEST day. With the showroom floor packed and panels/events going on, it's no wonder that we were exhausted.  The kiddos played a great round of Kidditch, kiddo Quidditch, we had a massive lunch and played a lot of games.  While we did spend a good chunk of time on the showroom floor, we didn't see even half of the booths. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Panels, Workshops, Events, oh MY!

There is so much awesome packed into one weekend for Comicpalooza that it can be a bit overwhelming.  But don't let it get you down!  Turn that nerdy frown upside down!  Here are a few tips to help you prep for your nerdfilled weekend. 

If you head over to the Comicpalooza website, there is already a list of panels and events.  The main guys (Stan Lee, Gotham, anything in the big rooms) won't be listed until around next week but a good rule of thumb is that they usually have panels right after lunch until about 3pm.  But beware, the lines are long and if you do not have VIP it is first come, first serve seating.  So if you must get an epic photo of Jeremy Renner, then you may want to eat lunch in line or even breakfast in line depending on the time. 

If you want to play a round of Quidditch or maybe get rough with some Roller Derby, you don't have to attend the first set you see.  There are a few panels/events that repeat over the weekend.  This way you can fit in some Kiddich time on Saturday but attend Paranormal class on Sunday and everyone is happy!

The event list is huge.  It's long, and it's very very scary at first.  Get some post its, a pad of paper and write down every event you might be interested in.  Write down the time and room.  Then go over it and see which times fit your days best.  Maybe you are only able to attend the con Friday night but an event happens Friday morning that you really dig.  Oh wait... there it is again on Monday.

Doors open at 10am.  Workshops/Events/Panels start at 10am.  See the problem there.  Unless you have a VIP pass you will be standing outside.  Not everyone is going to be eager to get into Voice Acting 101, but you don't wanna be super late.  FYI:  most panels in the morning don't usually start until about 15 after.  Also, NEW this year.  Early bird badge pick up the day before the con.  Totally worth it!

There is a ton of gaming.  Video games, board games, card games, role playing games... LARPing people.  LARPing.  They are listed on the events page and usually last a few hours.  There is also an arcade that has free to play old school arcade games.  This is a must see for when you need some down time.

So you like Dragons, well of course D&D and GOT events will be on your list.  But why not sneak a peek at a few other panels.  How about Cosplaying on a Budget?  Or maybe a craft workshop.  Keep in mind 99% of these events are FREE!  So why not learn a new game, make some awesome friends and have a great time!
Comicpalooza has an App people!  And it's FREE!  It has an up to date list of events, appearances, and a map!  It was a life saver last year and I totally recommend it for any con going this year. Click here to download.


With this all being said, make sure you make a little room in your schedule to come see ME!  I will be hosting TWO workshops this year and I am so super excited!! I wanted to bring a little craftiness to Comicpalooza this year, so please don't let me be in my panel room alone!  Come say hi and make some pretty epic pieces.
Sunday 10am Nerdy Birthday Card
Monday 10am Watercolor Pokeball

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who wants to go to Comicpalooza?

 We have been all gun ho with Comicpalooza lately, it's rad right?
But you know what about be more rad?
A family 4 pack of tickets... that I will give away.
Do you want to win?
Enter below!!!  I will choose ONE winner to receive FOUR tickets (a weekend pass of ALL four days mind you).  Pls only enter if you are actually able to attend Comicpalooza in Houston, TX.
Want to know how to enter?

Want to see all the fun that my family had last year?  Click here.

Please note that this giveaway is hosted by myself and all opinions here are my own and do not reflect Comicpalooza's.  All in all, I am my own type of crazy.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Guess what's coming??  
No, not Winter (tho it is... kinda)
No, not a slue of Female Thor cosplays... tho I'm sure it will happen.
No, not a new episode of Doctor Who... SRSLY what's the hold up!
But the one... the only... Comicpalooza!

If you live in the Houston area or just in Texas and love all things geeky and nerdy and comics... this is the convention for you!
And get this peeps... I'm teaching my own WORK SHOP this year at Comicpalooza!  Do you know how excited I am!!
Check back for giveaways, hints at special guests (if you follow me on FB or Twitter then you already are in the know on Robin Sparkles!), and tons of updates on the event.
Set your faces to AWESOME!  Comicpalooza is coming and there is nothing you can do about it!  P.S.  You totally need to invest in a Stan Lee Family Photo.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Comicpalooza Workshop

Randomness 487 from Lizzie
I'm thinking of hosting a workshop at Comicpalooza.  But a fun crafty one.  One where we will draw a fun gaming controller, color it, turn it into an awesome and simple card and then talk about digitalizing it so you can print it off whenever you need a one of a kind card.  I love nerdy crafty and paitning and drawing.
Here are a few examples from me and from Zap Pow Designs (remember us?  We are on hiatus right now).  

So... would you take a nerdy card class?  For free mind you... but admission to the show does cost.  I mean, why not?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Sell More COOKIES!

Oh yes it is!  As a Troop Cookie Mom (Yes I'm crazy enough to take that role on!) I wanted to pass along a few tips to help your Girl Scout sell cookies this season.  And it's pretty easy, effort wise that is. 

First thing on my list... change your profile picture. You can find a ton of square images to use on your local GS site, the GS Facebook page or create your own.  Here is a favorite among my community.
Remember, you are not allowed to post cookie forms online or solicit.  So just by changing your profile picture, it lets others know that they can get cookies from you!  And all you had to do was a few clicks of your mouse.  

Take pictures!  Your daughter/Girl Scout is the face of her cookie business... take a GS related photo, have her hold up the GS sign, pose with her vest and all of her achievements and then turn that photo into a business card or a post card.  I took the photo below and sent it out to everyone that pre ordered cookies as an E Card.  Get creative!
My 7 year old, 2nd year Daisy had the idea to buy signs to put in our yard.  I told her, why not make our own!  We had a blast each night for a week coloring up two signs for our yard.  We went to the Dollar Tree and found some yard ornaments and hot glued our signs to them.  Then we stuck the signs in our yard.  On the signs alone (and for the three weeks they have been out) we have sold over $100 in cookies.
Speaking of signs, make a sign for your door that says when you are available to hand out cookies.  Lily and I created on that says 'The Cookies are In' and on the other side 'The Cookies are Out'.  We hang it on our mailbox and just flip if over when we leave the house.  This way I don't have to worry about the hubby messing up cookie orders and so that Lily can take all orders herself.  Cookies are only available to purchase when she is at home!

Have your Girl Scout get as involved as you can.  With Daisies you are doing most of the world... but by Juniors you shouldn't be doing anything but turning in money into your Cookie Manager and lifting boxes into vans b/c your daughter will be selling them by the case instead of by the package.

Have fun this cookie season, set your goals and go far beyond what you ever thought you could sell!  2015 is gonna be your year!!