Thursday, October 14, 2010

learning is a process

and i'm not to good at it right now. a few months ago i was at the thrift store and i found seven pairs of knitting needles for 99 cents... score! i've been wanting to re-learn to knit for the longest time. my granny taught me to knit when i was really young... about seven and i have long since forgotten how. i checked out a book from the library not too long about and it really helped me understand the knitting process a lil more... i went back to the library to re-check it out and put it to use... but it wasn't there so i picked up another book i've been eying... domi-knit-rix... it's really helpful... cept i can't get my brain and hands and yarn to all work together! it prolly doesn't help that i'm watching the good girl while trying to learn and the awkward cuteness of jake gyllenhaal... *sigh* i know i can do this... i use to make lil squares for my granny all the time to help her with blankets and scarves and geez liz... get it together why don't ya!

i know it will all come to me again... maybe b/c i've been crocheting so much i can't get my mind to think other wise with yarn and needles... who knows... i'll try again in a few hours... i think i need a nap... or to read some more of darkly dreaming dexter


  1. I know you will be knitting again soon! It will come back to you. I sat my needles down for two years after a little knitting accident. Let's just say, don't leave your needles in your chair! It really hurts when they are embedded over an inch deep! I was still a fairly new knitter when that happened. I still have only ever made two baby caps and a couple of dozen dishcloths - oh and one scarf which I do love! The yarn is so soft! Once you get the basics back down, you can do anything, and you will have so much fun!

    I hope you will share your first project!

  2. You can do it, gorgeous!! I love you very much you crafty dorky girl. Make me something cute for the doggie to wear. :)


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