Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Thank You Teachers Gift

Today is the last day of school.  My big man will be a first grader in a matter of hours.  Where did the time go!  No srsly... did I just drop him off for his first day of school last month?  Sheesh!
I really love my son's teacher.  I'm actually super excited that he will have her again as his school is doing something called 'looping' where they will have the same teacher/class for two years.  I think this is actually a pretty awesome idea.  I probably like the idea more then I should b/c his teacher is the best teacher ever!  There are times when I want to invite her over for dinner and take  her out to lunch.  She has helped my son out so much this past year.  I have seen him grow into a very impressive and bright young man.  And I know it's b/c of her loving and attentive nature with him.  See, he has ADHD and he's not always the easiest kidd to work with.  His Pre-K teacher last year wouldn't even let him go on feild trips unless I was to attend with them.  And having a new born and a 3 year old, that wasn't always possible.  So I appreciate what my son's Kindergarten teacher has done.
With the numberous open houses his school has, I noticed that his teacher has a fun spot under the windows of the classroom where she keeps everything that her students have made her.  That is when I had an idea.  Paper Flowers!  Flowers are always fun to recieve, but they tend to not last as long as I would wish.  But paper flowers, oh boy!  They will last forever and ever!  Hopefully at least.
I added buttons and sequins (my new crafty bff!) and made these flowers totally POP!  The K&Co paper is just perfect for a project like this.  Since this is for a teacher, the fun colors and doodles really make the project come alive!
The container is actually a Simple Orange juice bottle that I painted the inside white.  The tag and fun bag are from Freckles and Pigtails.  And the stamps set I used is from Paper Smooches.
It's a fun project to make for any teacher in your life, just a little something to show them that they matter and you appreciate them.
Now I want to know what you have given to teachers in the past or even this year?


  1. So gorgeous, my friend! I LOVE!!! What a cheerful gift! Hugs!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! I think I might just be inspired to make my son's teacher some of those :) It's sooooo good to have a great teacher. It made me sad to think that your son's pre k teacher wouldn't let him go on field trips! My son's kindergarten teacher last year wasn't all that great either, but I really like his grade 1 teacher...who will be his grade 2 teacher also :) Last year we didn't get his teacher a year end gift, but we did get her a Christmas gift...and it was a cute little ornament that Ethan picked out. This year I made his teacher a card for Christmas...but those flowers are sooooo fabulous that I'm really tempted to try them out! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. super cute, girl! I've never made flowers like these, but it's something that I want to try...thanks for sharing!

  4. The buttons and sequins are just perfect for these flowers! :) Thank you for linking back to site Lizzie! Love your paper selections! :) So bright and happy! :)

  5. So cute!!!
    This year I gave Jack's teachers gifts cards to a local yogurt shop, chocolate, car air fresheners and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, Big insulated tumblers, Starbucks instant coffee, blank gift cards and a small candle.

  6. I meant blank greeting cards not blank gift cards.

  7. This is the bombdiggity! Super Cuteness. Makes me wish I was a teacher.

  8. Love the sequins on this! Super cute, Miss Lizzy!


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