Saturday, May 3, 2014

Grrrr Arrrrg. TWD Escape

 So I got to do one of the most amazing things ever last weekend... head out to Reliant Stadium here in Houston, TX and pretend that I was a Zombie Hunter, running, dashing, and yes crawling through the maze of zombies and the stairs and ramps... oh those ramps of Reliant to make it to my family and not get infected.  Okay, so some of you might not have any idea what I am talking about... but it was a blast!  And I got to write about it, take photos for, and experience the whole thing for  Pretty epic huh??

Read all about it here and then come back and see me in a few days as I have some HUGE nerd related news for you!!

 Photos are property of Lizzie Sanchez, Oh Snap Lizzie, and The Examiner. 

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